Mémoires de l'Himalaya

Presentation of the association

The association Memories of the Himalayas was founded in April 2022 on the initiative of Fernand Meyer and the heirs of several French researchers specialized in the Himalayan world in order to ensure the preservation, accessibility, digitization and dissemination to a wide audience of documentary collections relating to the Himalayan world, collected since the 1950s.

The objective of the association is to highlight this important documentation related to the Himalayan landscapes and cultures to all those interested in these regions, but also to ensure its transmission, in the best conditions, to future generations of researchers, students, enthusiasts and local communities.

The association contributes not only to the work of inventorying, reconditioning, identifying and cataloguing the documents, but also to their digitization and indexing by means of a database allowing a search on multiple criteria (keywords, location, year, etc.).
The implementation of an interface for consulting the digitized documents via the Internet is under development and will be available soon.

Memories of the Himalayas is part of a process, shared by other public or private institutions throughout the world, aiming to widely disseminate and promote unpublished documentary resources concerning the Himalayan regions.