Mémoires de l'Himalaya

General description of the collections

6×6 contact sheet, Corneille Jest, 1960.

Field notebooks, Corneille Jest, 1989.

List of collections currently managed by the association

  • Jean-François DOBREMEZ (1940-2009), eco-biologist
  • Gisèle HYVERT (1931-2001), UNESCO expert
  • Corneille JEST (1930-2019), ethnologist
  • Patrick LE FORT (1939-2014), geologist
  • Fernand MEYER (1947- ), medical historian and anthropologist
  • Michel COLCHEN (1933-2023), geologist

The documents were collected during research missions or private trips, from the 1950s onwards, in various territories of the Himalayan world (Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, Pakistan), particularly in regions long closed to foreigners, such as Ladakh (1974) or Tibet (1980).

The collections managed by Memories of the Himalaya represent nearly 100,000 photographs (negatives, slides and prints) and hundreds of field notebooks covering a wide range of themes and fields of research: ecology, environment, geology, anthropology, religious practices, history of art and technology, architecture, etc.

Some of the documents collected by certain producers (sound or video recordings, samples or objects) are currently deposited in public institutions (notably the EFEO, the Musée du Quai Branly or the LESC-CREM). The biographical notes of the researchers indicate as precisely as possible the location of these additional resources.

Distribution of photographic collections

CreatorScientific fieldPlacesApprox. number of negativesApprox. number of reversal film
C. JestAnthropologyNepal, Bhutan, China-Tibet, Northen India, Mongolia17,00026,000
P. Le Fort GeologyNepal, Bhutan, China-Tibet, Northen India Pakistan  17,500
J.-F. DobremezEcology and BiologyNepal, Bhutan, China-Tibet, Northen India Pakistan12,0002,000 
F. Meyer TibetologyNepal, Bhutan, China-Tibet, Northen India5009,000
M. ColchenGeologyNepal, China-Tibet, Northen India, Pakistan 4,000
G. HyvertBiology and PreservationNepal and Ladakh2,5002,250